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Micon Thatchsayf is an environmentally safe and effective fire retardant coating for the fire protection of thatch roofs. On exposure to heat, the fire retardant forms a protective char that restricts oxygen flow to the surface and reduces the surface temperature of the coated base.

Micon Thatchsayf is a water-based solution of fire-retardant and intumescent chemicals in a polymer emulsion binder formulated for the protection of thatch roofing. This combination provides dual protection with the fire retardant chemicals penetrating the leaves of the thatch and the intumescent, as well as some of the fire retardant chemicals, forming a thin protective film on the surface of the thatch stems.

Micon Thatchsayf does not change the natural appearance of the thatch and improves compaction without hindering its ability to breathe. Thatchsayf also retards bacterial and fungal growth. In order to minimise water penetration it is crucial that roof slopes are 45 degrees.

The main constituents of Thatchsayf consist of fertiliser type chemicals, i.e phosphates and nitrogen compounds, and as such are environmentally friendly, however, high concentrations, such as may be reached in the run-off water after the first rain, may cause damage to vegetation in the drip-off area depending on the amount of rain and thus the dilution.

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